the 22 Jazz Orchestra

Introducing a new music project – ‘the 22 Jazz Orchestra’ simply named to represent the prodigious talents of ‘the 22′ musicians who make up this exciting new orchestra.

Created by musician, pianist, composer and arranger David Mellor the orchestra will support ‘the 22 Jazz Academy’ an educational facility for aspiring and talented young jazz musicians.

Appearing in Concert Halls & Theatres ‘the 22 Jazz Orchestra’ will perform a range of music from some of the world’s most famous Jazz composers and instrumentalists including Michel Legrand, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Quincy Jones. There’s music from vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall and others. In addition ‘the 22’ will perform exciting new compositions by David Mellor and members of the Orchestra.

Having an orchestral string section allows for romantic music to be in the programme and amongst this is a ‘French Set’ based on music from Woody Allen’s movie ‘Midnight in Paris’ featuring Django Reinhardt’s Gypsy Jazz and also Soprano Saxophone tracks by Sidney Bechet played by leading UK jazz musician Alan Wakeman. This section features Britain’s foremost exponent of the accordion, Karen Street in a cameo French café scene. This and other items will be a step away from regular jazz concerts and feature dance and imaginative staging to leave the audience with special and lasting memories.

Importantly, the scope of ‘the 22 Jazz Orchestra’ will spread way beyond their memorable performances, for with their music they will bring a commitment to involve the community by way of educational rehearsal workshops. These will show how an orchestra is created, the rehearsal process, how to get the best from all the sections and to encourage audience participation with the orchestra personnel in question and answer sessions.

It’s a big project but the opportunity to go on and develop ‘the 22 Jazz Academy’ as a result of it all will be worthwhile. Nurturing the talent and enthusiasm of young musicians striving for success, more than anything will be a real achievement and a legacy to leave for future generations. Music education is so important for a young person’s development, if it teaches nothing else it teaches discipline for life, but also provides opportunities for travel and can provide lasting friendships throughout the world.

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'the 22' Needs You


As must be obvious, operating a 22 piece orchestra plus sound, lighting, transport, wardrobe, music, management and logistics etc is an expensive exercise and cannot succeed without support from long-term sponsors and philanthropists. To that end we thank those people who have already come onboard with generous donations, their contributions are very much appreciated. Members of the public who invest will be offered:

  • Discount tickets to concerts
  • The opportunity to join rehearsal workshops
  • A regular online news magazine giving updates on the orchestra and personnel where we will be appearing
  • An involvement with the orchestra and this special project.

Please contact us if you would like to discover more or can help to bring ‘the 22 Jazz Orchestra’ to life, via This website will be updated regularly and below you will find details of how to donate. Thank you.